Welcome to the City in the Suburbs.

Walton Islands from Kimball

A house is easy to build. A home is not. Yet when families build lives around houses and extend all the warmth, nurturing and care to their surroundings, not only are homes created, but a community as well.

And that’s what Elgin offers…a community anyone would be proud to call home. For with all of the changes, growth and expansion Elgin has experienced and planned, it was all experienced and planned with great warmth, nurturing and care.

Elgin residents have helped create a city with inviting dwellings, encouraging neighborhoods and compassionate organizations. Elgin residents embrace this City’s history, culture and diversity all while embracing what makes Elgin truly exceptional: its people.

Elgin residents possess great warmth, nurturing and care about the community they call home. They talk with passion and pride of the City, its services and amenities.

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